What we do at VNN Estates

Source investment properties



About the Director

Dr Vu Ngoc Nguyen

  • With over five years experience with buy to let (BTL) portfolio, purchasing,

    refurbishment, managing repairs, maintenance and tenancy matters.

  • Undertaking updated property education regularly.

  • Access to an invaluable resource of a large community of property


  • I am a medical professional working in General Practice (MBBS Imperial College)
  • Management Training (BSc) 
  • Other areas of holistic interest includes Acupuncture, Awareness Meditation and Personal Development.

I live in Hertfordshire and have experience in property investment projects in London and Bedfordshire.

VNN Estates covers the areas of London, East and Southern East Regions

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Why invest with VNN Estates?

We constantly create new opportunities for investors to join our projects to help start their property journey or diversify their property investment portfolio. Investors can choose to get involved as little or as much as they prefer through a mutual agreement with us.


There’s a reason why we use the term ‘Safe as Houses’. 

Historically investors who invested in various get rich quick schemes which when they have failed investors looked towards more gradual but more sure methods of investing with high returns through property investment.

  • Property prices approximately doubles every 10 years.

  • Record levels of low interest rates during recent times, so very low returns from your savings held in traditional institutions.

  • Inflation constantly in the background erodes the value of your money held in the savings institutions or not working for you in other investment vehicles. 

  • Property investment has traditionally provided good returns and even more importantly a more secure way to employ your capital to work hard for you.

Different ways to invest with VNN Estates


Loan / Fixed Term Investment with minimal involvement


Joint Venture, Flexible negotiation & degree of involvement with property projects


Sourcing the property for the investor